Betting Tips for Horse Racing

How can you make real money with horse racing betting? How do you enhance your chances of long term success when betting the old fashioned way or in an online casino? These are the questions this post is meant to answer. The post takes a look at the best tips you can use in betting, best types of bets to place as well as the best sites for betting on horse racing.

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Top Five Tips for Betting on Horse Racing

  1. Understand the lingo

You need to know what to say to the teller and understand what he is saying as you place your bet. Understanding the lingo will also help you better understand expert tips on horse racing betting as well as develop better strategies. Common phrases you need to understand their meaning include:

  • SP (starting price)
  • NR (non-runner)
  • Each way betting
  • Head to head bets
  1. Choose an area to specialize in

There are so many horse races more so in summer. It is almost impossible to keep up with all of them. That is why the best tips stress on finding an area you can get your grips in. If you are getting started with horse racing betting your first choice should be novice hurdles or the 2YO’S on the flat. You must watch each of these races if you wish to improve your sports betting skills.

  1. Maintain a database

Logging in all your notes and views on each race you watch helps keep up with the races and enable you to place better bets in the future. There are also companies that offer ready-made versions like Raceform and Timeforml. Use these databases to help pick the best horses and odds.

  1. Understand the shape of the race

Understanding the run styles of protagonists and what suits them will help improve your horse racing betting strategy. For example, if two headstrong frontrunners are in the race, they will ruin each other. Watching thousands of horse races will give you the instinct that keeps you from placing losing bets.

  1. Record every bet you make

Being disciplined is important. You don’t want to chase after loses or bet when there is no value. Betting out of frustration will also lead to immense loses. The best tips on betting on horse races are to be ready to ride out the hard times, be patient and stick to your betting plan.

Types of Bets

Understanding the various types of bets is one of the best tips you can get. There are two types of horseracing bets you can place:

Straight bets

  • Win bets: This is where you place your bet on the horse you believe will win.
  • Place bets: With this you win by finishing first or second.
  • Show bets: Your horse finishes first, second or third.
  • Exotic bets: These are made of

Exotic bets

  • Horizontal wagers: Here you win by choosing the winner of consecutive races before the first of the series of races start.
  • Vertical wagers: Here you select the correct finishing order of the race.

Best Horse Betting Sites

  1. Bethard (up to £100 Bethard bonus)
  2. Novibet (up to £25 Novibet bonus)
  3. STSbet (£30 welcome bonus)
  4. Betway (£30 Betway bonus)
  5. Coral (£30 Coral bonus)

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While horse racing betting is fun, it is even more fun in an online casino. Here you not only get tips on how to place your bets but also take advantage of casino bonus that allow you to enjoy free betting as you work on your strategy. The odds are great in a legal casino and there is numerous no deposit casino bonus to take advantage of.